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27 New Baseball Training Drills Now Available

Josh Gernatt
November 27, 2022
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We are excited to announce that our newest additions to our Training Library are up and live!  We added 27 new baseball drills for our Standout Baseball players and coaches to use to improve their games.  We’ve created a new Catching Program and added to our already robust Hitting and Fielding Programs.  Read on to learn more!  

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Catching Category -  ALL NEW

We’ve added a brand new series of content to give our Standout catchers some love too!  With the help of several former players and coaches, we put together the core drills that will help new and experienced catchers get better at:

  • Receiving the baseball
  • Performing the movements needed to block poor pitches 
  • The footwork to throw out base stealers
  • Getting their pitchers strikes called on those close pitches

These core drills will build confidence in those new to the tools of ignorance as well as help experienced catchers stay sharp and impact the game. 

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Hitting and Fielding Category Updates

Our hitting and fielding curriculums got even more robust with the addition of our latest training pages.  The new hitting content provides additional drillwork to focus on the micro-movements needed for a powerful, controlled swing.  Many of these new drills build off of the foundational trainings.  These additions will add a new level of variety to your training program.

Our fielding additions will provide additional drills to improve footwork and be in the right position to field the baseball and get outs.  New drills will help players understand how to better move laterally to the ball and get their feet in the correct position to make strong throws across the diamond.

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The Standout Baseball Program

Don’t forget, our pages are not just videos- We give you the key movements to focus on, common miscues and errors, and most importantly, the movements that define a Standout player.  You can sort and filter by drills that can be done at home, or drills that are advanced, in order to focus on the best movements to improve your game. 

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Virtual Assessment to review your swing or fielding form!

And don’t forget, we offer virtual assessments to provide 1-1 feedback on your player’s specific movements and skills.  Click here to learn more and get started! 

Standout Baseball

Our mission is to enable youth players to achieve success in baseball and life by gaining confidence in what they do on the ballfield. Baseball ends for all of us, but what we learn from the game carries on for the rest of our lives.

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