Want to get specific insights into your player’s swings, throws, and fielding performance?  The Standout  Player Assessment is THE platform for any ballplayer looking to improve fundamental movements and techniques within their game.  We leverage technology provided by OnForm, one of the leaders in sports video analysis, to give our players, parents, and coaches, easy to see and understand analysis and tips through the OnForm app. OnForm enables Coach Kevin and our expert instructors to deliver clients high-resolution voice-over analysis of the videos they share with us.  We zero in on key fundamental movements and positioning to assess performance and provide drills that improve performance.

- Full review and analysis of player’s movements and techniques.
- Voice-over assessment sent to you through the OnForm App, including on-screen analytics with neural movement connectors
- FULL ACCESS to our Standout Training Library of 50+ drills with more to come soon! (Gold and Silver Plans only)
- Chat communication with our expert instructors (Gold and Silver plans only)
- Online meeting times with our instructors to discuss player performance and development (Gold Plan only)


Single Video Assessment

Includes one voice-over video assessment delivered back to you through the OnForm App.

Single Video

Silver Plan


Up to 5 video assessments per month
FULL ACCESS to our Standout Training Library of 50+ training drills

Gold Plan


Up to 7 video assessments per month
FULL ACCESS to our Standout Training Library of 50+ training drills
Up to 2 monthly online meetings to personally discuss player development



Select your plan

We have several options to choose from. Want a one-time review? No problem. Are you looking for consistent feedback to help your player develop the correct movements at the plate or in the field? Try one of our monthly subscription plans.  Either way, Standout is here to help your player achieve their goals.

Download the OnForm App

After selecting and paying for your plan, you will receive an email from us with a unique code to access the OnForm app. You can download the app in both the Apple Play Store and the Google Play Store.


Enter your Invite Code

You will receive an email from Standout with your unique invite code to use with the OnForm app. Simply enter that code into the app and you are good to go!

Send us your player's video!

OnForm enables a powerful way for us to communicate with you and your player. Simply select the video you want to upload and message it to us through the app. Really, it's that easy.


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No matter what position you play, we’ve broken down the most important skills, drills, and secrets you need to know into easy-to-understand training videos. Our video training makes it feel like we’re standing right there with you, no matter where you are in the world.


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what our players say

Gamechanger! Simply stated, it’s a powerful description that gets thrown around loosely throughout the world of sports. As athletes we all strive to achieve that status few of us ever do! To be a true gamechanger, you need to surround yourself with a truly game changing coach. That said, it is with tremendous pride and honor that I write this for Coach Batista. A genuine gamechanger and truly the most significant baseball influences my children have had to date.

Jordy Andreas - Las Vegas, NV