6 Tips to Help You Stand Out During Baseball Tryouts

Josh Gernatt
June 5, 2023
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Baseball tryouts can be a nerve-wracking experience, as players are eager to prove their skills and secure a spot on the team. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can make a lasting impression on the coaches.

At Standout, we’ve helped tons of young baseball players prepare for that big moment where they have to show coaches what they’re made of. Below are six effective strategies to ensure you are standing out at baseball tryouts and increasing your chances of making the team:

1. Preparation Is Key

One of the most important aspects of performing well at baseball tryouts is being well-prepared. This means practicing your skills regularly, staying in good physical shape, and understanding the game's fundamentals. 

By practicing even a little bit each day, you can quickly get comfortable with all aspects of the game, from hitting and fielding to base running and situational awareness. You should also ensure that you are familiar with the specific drills and exercises that may be used during tryouts.

2. Show Up Early and Be Ready to Go

First impressions can be everything. Do what you can to show up to tryouts early. This demonstrates your commitment and enthusiasm for baseball and the team. If you can talk your parents into it, shoot for at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to give yourself enough time to warm up, stretch, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. 

Don’t forget any of your equipment! Double check that you have your glove, bat, helmet, and cleats, and be dressed in appropriate clothing. This will show the coaches that you are serious about your performance and ready to compete.

3. Stay Positive and Show Enthusiasm

Attitude goes a long way in determining how coaches perceive you during tryouts. Try your best to stay positive, willing, and enthusiastic throughout the entire process, even when things may not be going your way. Even if you’re super competitive, do your best to let your play speak for itself and channel that competitiveness towards supporting your team with a positive attitude.

This will not only help you perform better under pressure but also show the coaches that you are a team player who can maintain a positive outlook in difficult situations. Remember, coaches are not only evaluating your skills but also your character and how well you will fit in with the team dynamic.

4. Be Coachable and Show Respect

Coaches always want talent, but they mostly have an eye out for players who are willing to learn and can take constructive criticism. So, be open to feedback and willing to make adjustments as needed. Show respect to the coaches and your fellow players by listening attentively, following instructions, and maintaining a positive attitude. 

Being coachable shows that you are a team player who is willing to put in the effort to improve and contribute to the team's success.

5. Highlight Your Strengths and Showcase Your Versatility

When it comes to showcasing your skills during tryouts, it's important to focus on your strengths while also demonstrating your versatility as a player. If you excel in a specific position or skill, make sure to highlight this during drills and scrimmages. However, don't be afraid to try new positions or take on different roles during tryouts. 

Coaches appreciate players who can contribute to the team in various ways, so showcasing your ability to adapt and be a well-rounded player can help you stand out from the competition.

6. Leave It All on the Field

Most importantly, give 100% effort during every aspect of the tryout. Coaches want to see players who are willing to push themselves and compete at the highest level. This means hustling on every play, diving for balls, and giving maximum effort during drills and scrimmages. By leaving it all on the field, you demonstrate passion for the sport and commitment to perform at your absolute best.

Stand out with Standout Baseball

By following these six tips, you can increase your chances of making a positive impression on the coaches. Remember, preparation, attitude, and effort are all crucial factors in your performance during tryouts. So, stay focused, give it your all, and be the best player you can be. By doing these things, you'll have a great shot at making the team!

Standout Baseball offers online baseball training content focused on bringing together players, parents, coaches, and leagues. Our goal is to help young athletes and coaches learn the fundamentals of this great game in order to be confident players and coaches. So, if you’re looking for important skills, drills, and secrets you need to know, get started with Standout Baseball today!

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