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Josh Gernatt
November 15, 2022
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Do Your Best and Forget the Rest!

We’re glad you’re here. Standout Baseball is your premium online resource for baseball training and coaching resources. Our mission is to transform youth baseball players into confident leaders in their game and empower coaches with the tools they need to run a fun, dynamic practice.

We have a passion for developing young athletes of character and determination – and we believe that for many, organized sports is the bridge to a full life on and off the field.  

Answering the Call

Standout began in Las Vegas more than a decade ago, with Kevin Batista personally leading players from t-ball to the pros. Kevin rapidly developed a premium regimen of drills and movements, always focused on the core fundamentals (or the “fundies” as you’ll hear us say) that deliver stronger numbers, leadership, and excellence in baseball. 

For years, Kevin’s players raved about what they learned and parents always asked how more budding baseball athletes could benefit from his training. How do you reach more players? Put it online! Fast forward to today, and you’ll find a tested and proven online catalog of resources that:

  • Develops strong young athletes
  • Empowers coaches
  • Builds competitive, exciting leagues
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Standout Training Library

Standoutbaseball.com is your #1 resource to learning and mastering the fundies of baseball. With our Standout Training Library and instructional videos, you can easily understand proper mechanics and identify how to correct poor movements that are keeping you or your athlete from becoming a Standout player. 

In nearly every case, you want to laser focus on the mechanics of hitting, fielding, throwing/pitching, and catching. We put those fundies in the palm of your hand. And to make it even better, you can practice most drills at home in the garage or backyard.

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Standout Coaches Corner

We haven’t left you out, coaches. The Standout Coaches Corner helps everyone from first-timers to seasoned vets maximize practice time with their teams. Active, dynamic practices keep players engaged and make it easier for them to learn the fundies, which in turn will produce better results for a team. We don’t just help individual coaches though – our league and association partners use our resources to create a universal curriculum across age groups and retain more players year after year.

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Standout Virtual Assessments

In addition to our training pages, you can upload player videos in our easy-to-use Standout Virtual Assessment portal. We provide expert assessments that review and give feedback on your player’s mechanics across all facets of their game. 

  • Want your swing analyzed? We got it. 
  • How about the form on fielding a ground ball? Hit us up. 

In fact, you can code ‘blastoff’ on our Single Video Assessment right now to get one free!  

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We hope you join us on this baseball journey and enjoy reading The Dugout Blog! Whether during a game or practice, The Dugout is where we share stories, new lessons learned, and the funny things that happen on the field with you. Our aim is to provide unique, entertaining, and informative content that our Standout members can learn from and use, and sometimes even laugh at! 

As Coach Kevin says, “Do your best and forget the rest!”


Coach Josh

Standout Baseball

Our mission is to enable youth players to achieve success in baseball and life by gaining confidence in what they do on the ballfield. Baseball ends for all of us, but what we learn from the game carries on for the rest of our lives.

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Josh Gernatt
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